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Cabin Use Procedure

Papaw loved the mountains of New Mexico and in 1984 bought the Sutton Summit at 276 Hwy 127 in Idlewild, NM.  His desire was that it be maintained for the benefit of his family for generations to come.  The cabin is being used by children, grandchildren and soon, great grandchildren.

So far we have been able to provide the cabin to family members at no charge – no rent, no utilities, no insurance, no property taxes, no maintenance costs.  We are currently in process of investing thousands of dollars to improve the water system, which will make opening and closing more difficult, and therefore costly to us if someone fails to follow all of the detailed steps properly.

Reserving the Cabin - Family member wanting to reserve the cabin for a vacation need to confirm the reservation with via the Cabin Calendar link in the menu above. Philip will then add the request to the calendar.

Open Procedure:

Family member MUST engage the caretaker “Goose” Jarigese to open the cabin before your arrival. His number is 505-506-8467. And you can send him a note via email:  

Close Procedure:

It is still the family member’s responsibility to close the cabin and then to notify Goose the day you leave so he can double check your work (remember to give him $80 summer or $100 winter).

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS TURN OFF the ELECTRICITY when you depart. Next - Ask Goose what else he wants you to do before leaving. Also mandatory - clean the cabin. 

IMPORTANT: Goose may tell you NOT to shut down the water or turn off the propane during warm months. Goose will do this at the end of the season before the first freeze. This allows the water to settle better in the pump house.  However always ask Goose. (a freeze could be forecast and he may need you to turn off the water and drain the tanks/lines if he will be delayed.)

Detailed open/close instructions here but the above instructions are most important.  The details on shutting down the water are for reference only and DO NOT need to be executed unless Goose is not available before the winter starts. Any questions please call. 

Do NOT leave any personal items in the closets. It is causing too much clutter. Take personal sheets, towels and clothes/shoes back to your home. The floors and hanging space in the closets should be available for guests use while there.  Bulky items such as sleeping bags and blankets may be bagged and tagged, then neatly stored out of the way on a shelf – not in the floor.

PLEASE look in the GARAGE for any items that may be yours and that you want to keep. Remove them and take them back to your house as we want to clean up the garage for all to enjoy. All the items remaining as of summer 2020 will be taken to the dump.  

We have a new HDTV for your enjoyment.  It is connected to an outside antenna which is pointed east down the roof line for maximum reception.  Do not remove the antenna cable, nor change the direction of the outside antenna.  The TV has HDMI and USB ports into which you can plug your own devices.  

Remember it is critical for Goose to open and check your closing.  This is not optional but a requirement.  Please take cash with you to pay Goose during your stay.  You may not leave the cabin not closed.  It is a good idea to remind him the day before your departure at 505-506-8467.


FYI the Idlewild Community Website also has important information. The address is

Thanks to all for reading and following the above instructions. There are a lot more family members now using the cabin on a regular basis. This is great! Papaw is smiling down on us I'm sure. 

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